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Kristen’s particular passion for family law and related issues comes not just from a rational decision alone but also from having lived many of the experiences herself. It is to her that her clients this.

Her family moved from Illinois to Mayfield, Kentucky when she was seven years old and she graduated from Mayfield High School with honors. She received the William C. Parker Scholarship and the Gates Millennium Scholarship, both of which completely covered the cost of her tuition at the University of Kentucky .

A small town girl in a school that had double the population of Mayfield was terrifying experience. Kristen provided income for herself working part time at the student book store, and waiting tables. Despite the jobs that she kept, she managed to keep a high grade point average and eventually became a tutor for other students. She belonged to the Communications Honor Society, as well as the Future Minority Law Student association and was elected treasurer and fund raising director of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity. She graduated with a B.A. In English and Communications in 2005.


Kristen got her law degree from the University of Kentucky despite surviving cancer and becoming a single mother after separating from her son’s father. As an intern at the Children’s Law Center, Kristen worked with schools to identify and work with children that needed help, along with providing positive reinforcement to keep them from becoming statistics. Working with these children while simultaneously struggling in her own live, she realized that family law was her calling as an attorney and she hasn’t looked back since.

Moving back to Western Kentucky in 2012 to be close to her family, She passed the bar exam and moved to Paducah to work for an attorney. His practice did every kind of law there is and she absorbed it all, but her heart and passion was with family law.



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About Kristen's Practice

In 2014, she received training to mediate family law and divorce cases and shortly thereafter, opened her own law office specializing in family and divorce law.

Even more so now, family law is her passion and it’s what she does most – divorces, custody, visitation, and adoptions. She has also been appointed to take dependency, neglect and abuse cases, abbreviated as DNA, where parents have lost their children due to bad decisions.

Kristen has the experience first hand to deal with family problems together with her extensive legal experience. She relates well to her clients and can help them navigate their problems because she enthusiastically wants to help in her hear, and has the skills abilities in her head to succeed for them.  She considers herself an advocate in the truest sense.

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