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Kristen S. Simpson


Very often, parents that are childless want to adopt a baby. But unless the procedure is followed properly, problems and tragedy can occur later. For example, the mother who gave the baby up for adoption may have a change of heart and wants the baby back. The pain that may occur by taking a baby who has been loved by adopted parents, away from them is enormous. There are legal procedures that can avoid the heartbreak that can occur. These laws are also legislated at the state level and each state is different. In some cases religion is an issue and in some states racial prescriptions are legislated.

Another problem is that there are illegal sources of babies for parents who are either deemed not suitable by the government agency or parents who don’t want to spend the time to go through the prescribed steps. Adopting a baby though one of these baby mills can lead to disaster. You can’t know what you are getting and where it came from. In some cases, they prey on the desire for a baby and are just outright scams.

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