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The duration of a case absolutely affects the amount they have to pay. When the initial retainer has been depleted, they are expected to refill the retainer in at least $500 increments. I don’t know if I would add that though, because people are awfully weird when looking for an attorney down here. They don’t want to pay as it is and I feel like I can explain this best over the phone than them seeing it on the site and then deciding immediately they won’t even call because of it.


Phone consults are free for 30 minutes. In-person consults are $100.00 unless they are coming in to pay that day.


No, actually most cases settle and do not go to trial. There are sometimes informal settlement conferences between the parties and even mediation. The overall outlook is would you rather each party just give in on a few points or take the risk of going to trial and losing everything?


I am the only attorney who will work on their case and will appear in court. I have a legal secretary who essentially helps me with all of my cases, but nothing is ever done without my knowledge or submitted before I check it.


My office primarily likes to rely on email updates. Updates will come, with attachments if available, when any important aspect of a case happens. If someone feels they are not being updated, they are welcome to email or call. It is advisable that all clients make sure that their voicemail is set up and not full so that we can leave phone messages if necessary. Same with email, make sure that it is being checked regularly.


I do not do “lawsuits”. I primarily do family law, so that’s mostly divorces, custody, child support, etc. In all cases, it is best to address legal matters sooner rather than later.


Generally, no, you cannot bring a case that isn’t yours. There are loopholes though, so this is likely a question best unanswered unless you want 10 pages of loopholes.