Hancock of Paducah

If you love your home and are looking to give it a new look with quality fabrics, then you have come to the right place. They have been selling fabrics since 1971 and are a fabric store that specializes in designer fabrics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There at Hancocks of Paducah, you can easily navigate through their vast selection of beautiful fabrics which include the finest Egyptian cotton and silks, luxurious Italian woolens, fine Indonesian Batik prints, exquisite Japanese silks, durable upholstery fabrics for your home or office as well as many others. When you’re looking for quality fabric at affordable prices in Peoria, Illinois area, or if you’re interested in custom curtain work this is where to find an amazing variety at great value without sacrificing style and design. Come on down to their showroom so they can help you achieve the freshest new look for your home.


In 1952, Dorothy and William Hancock saw the need for a fabric store catering to small towns. The concept blossomed into the national fabric chain Hancock Fabrics. William Hancock died in an automobile accident in 1962; his wife, Dorothy, continued his vision. She raised her two sons, Rowland and Rodney, in the fabric business. Three generations of customers bought fabric for christening gowns, children’s dresses, and clothes. Browse around this site.


Dorothy was an avid quilter and devoted member of the American Quilter’s Society. Her son, Rowland Hancock, moved to Kentucky to open a fabric store on the advice of his uncle, L.D. Hancock. In 1986, the business moved into a 30,000 square foot store to showcase the world’s largest retail selection of fabric. In 1990, as quilting became more popular, we began to offer a catalog mail-order service to our customers across the nation. We now ship products all over the nation and to 72 different countries worldwide.


Sometimes, the credit belongs to the people at Hancocks of Paducah. Sometimes, it belongs to the handy customer who uses their products in a way that we never could have imagined. No matter who gets the credit, their customers are some of the most creative artists around. They want to promote this creativity by providing the best products.


Step into the store, get that feeling of relaxation, see the beautiful silk scarves on the wall. Take one off the shelf and look at the attention to detail and high-quality silk used to craft this piece of textile art. Touch it to make sure it’s not a dream, bringing it close to your face to feel its softness and slight coolness. The aroma of pure silk fills you with joy. This is as real as it gets.


Looking for fabrics? Searching for the best quality materials for your home or clothing manufacturer, or maybe you are looking for a nice napkin to lay on your tablecloth at a fancy dinner, these are among the thousands of reasons why you should visit Hancocks of Paducah. They’ve got everything, from curtains to tablecloths, as well as fabrics, textiles and much more!