How Do I Begin Co-Parenting?

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When parents choose collaborative law or mediation, they often seek to provide a stable, wholesome atmosphere when their family reorganizes following a separation or divorce. An organized parenting strategy aids in the upward progress of both parents and kids. How important judgments will be made is among the first factors to be taken into account. 

Parents think about which actions in a shared legal custody arrangement need both of their approval. Some parents specify a period of time within which they must notify one another of important choices, as well as what will happen if they disagree or don’t react. 

Major choices may be spelled out in the agreement so that both parents are aware of which ones call for their involvement. Major choices can include picking a school, choosing a doctor for elective treatment, selecting a professional to see, determining when a youngster can drive, getting tattoos, or setting travel limitations. 

Decisions specific to the family may also be included by parents (e.g. special education or medical needs of a child). Decisions are often made on a daily basis by the parent who spends time with the kids.

Laying the Groundwork for Cooperative Parenting

A solid co-parenting plan lays the groundwork for successful co-parenting and is a crucial tool for divorcing parents to retain cohesion while making choices and resolving conflicts. The strategy may be modified to suit the unique requirements and traits of the family. It may be changed as the kids become older and as particular requirements and situations evolve. 

A useful activity in talking about the kids is to foster dialogues about the plan. Parenting plans include a variety of topics, such as the regular weekly schedule, holiday and vacation calendars, and what happens when a parent cannot follow the program. The family’s features, such as the number and ages of children, each parent’s location, and the dynamics of the whole unit, will have an influence on the parenting plan. The factors to take into account while creating a parenting plan are listed below.

Creating a Useful Schedule

The week’s itinerary has to be carefully planned in light of the parents’ and kids’ schedules. There are several ways to divide the week, so it is a good idea to consider how each one will function in real life. You may think of the week and the weekend independently or in terms of time chunks. 

What occurs between the conclusion of the kids’ school day and when the parents arrive home, how the kids go to their activities, and how each parent sets up a home for the kids are important considerations. The ability of parents to adapt as life changes is equally crucial. This fosters respect and enables reciprocity in meeting the needs of both parents.

Take the Family Rule as an Example

Every family has its own set of guidelines, and when children will be spending time in two different homes, parents need to discuss which guidelines will apply equally in each home and what will happen if the parents’ guidelines conflict.

Ensure Positive Communication Around the House

Parenting during and after divorce has its own unique set of difficulties. Divorce is stressful. While there may be arguments and/or dissatisfaction, parents should keep their unpleasant remarks about the other parent to themselves while the kids are around. The children are adapting to new routines, new places, and new methods to spend time with each parent throughout and after divorce. Maintaining good communication will assist to guarantee the children adjust in a healthy manner.

Be Honest & Respectful

Both parents will face difficulties during co-parenting. The parents will be able to resolve the problems in the best manner possible if they are able to respectfully speak about these difficulties. However, bear in mind that co-parenting is about establishing a new normal for the kids, and working together respectfully will help to achieve that. Communication may be difficult at times, particularly in the beginning.

The ideal strategy to approach co-parenting may be discussed individually between the parents or with the assistance of a mediator, attorney, or family expert. A kid expert may be included on the collaborative team to assist create the plan if the collaborative divorce procedure is being utilized. Please check the “Practice Areas” portion of my website or the co-parenting agreement blogs on for additional details on the various procedure options as well as information on parenting agreements.