How Domestic Violence Impacts Divorce

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Unfortunately, domestic violence is still a significant issue in our area. State and local law enforcement officials in Kentucky respond to more than 400,000 incidents of domestic abuse each year, according to data gathered and released by the National Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (NCADV). Of course, not every one of these calls is genuine. False claims of domestic abuse are also made.

Your divorce case may be significantly impacted by domestic violence. To safeguard your family law rights, you must act quickly away whether you have experienced domestic abuse or have been wrongly accused of doing so. Here, our knowledgeable domestic abuse attorneys in Paducah discuss the ways in which domestic violence may impact your divorce case.

Three Ways that Domestic Violence in Kentucky Can Affect a Divorce

1. Domestic Abuse Can Affect the Divorce Process, to Start With

Every divorce case in Kentucky is different. In reality, various divorces are even settled in various ways. Our Paducah family law attorneys at Paducah Divorce Lawyers are aware that for many couples, divorce mediation, and cooperative solutions can be the best course of action. However, this kind of direct communication between the parties is frequently inappropriate when there are allegations of domestic abuse. It is crucial that your divorce follow the procedure that works best for your particular situation.

2. Domestic Abuse May Affect Child Custody

The ‘best interests of the child’ test is used by Kentucky family law courts when deciding who gets to keep the kids. In order to establish which parent can give the children the healthiest and most stable environment, state courts will consider a wide range of different variables. One of the biggest blows to a parent is domestic abuse. You must defend your kids if your spouse has used domestic violence. On the other side, you must defend your parental rights if you are wrongly accused of domestic violence. Any custody or time-sharing dispute involving children will invariably be significantly impacted by allegations of domestic abuse.

3. How Property Division Can Be Affected by Domestic Violence

The couple’s finances are frequently the most contentious subject in Kentucky divorce procedures, second only to concerns affecting small children. Domestic violence claims here could also potentially affect the outcome of the lawsuit. Domestic abuse cases with “egregious” abuse can have an impact on property distribution disputes, according to Kentucky state courts. When there is a disagreement over a home or when one spouse has requested a protective order against the other, serious domestic abuse is a crucial concern.

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