Top 7 Co-Parenting Communication Apps

hand holding phone with calendar app opened

Co-parenting, while fulfilling, can also present its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to communication. Fortunately, the digital age has brought forth a multitude of apps designed specifically to streamline and enhance communication between co-parents. These apps offer a range of features to facilitate scheduling, sharing important information, and fostering healthy communication. Let’s dive into some of the most recommended co-parenting communication apps that are revolutionizing the way parents collaborate post-separation:

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Our Family Wizard is a comprehensive platform catering specifically to co-parenting needs. Its features include shared calendars, expense tracking, messaging, and a secure data bank for important documents like medical records and school information. The ToneMeter also helps users draft messages with positive language, minimizing conflicts.


Primarily known as a family organizer app, Cozi offers shared calendars, to-do lists, meal planning, and a journal feature. Its simple interface and easy usability make it a popular choice for co-parents looking to coordinate schedules and activities effortlessly.


Coparenter aims to reduce conflict by providing tools for efficient communication and coordination. It includes a geotag check-in feature for confirming children’s locations, as well as a comprehensive calendar for scheduling. The app also allows professionals, like mediators or counselors, to access the platform to assist in resolving conflicts.


2Houses focuses on shared calendars, expense tracking, and information sharing. Its clean interface and intuitive design make it user-friendly for parents and children alike. Additionally, it facilitates the management of shared expenses and supports multiple households.


With a strong emphasis on documentation and accountability, TalkingParents keeps a record of all communication between co-parents. This serves as a valuable tool in legally sensitive situations, as the app provides a record that can be admissible in court if necessary.


AppClose combines messaging, shared calendars, and expense tracking in one platform. Its clean interface and user-friendly design cater specifically to co-parenting needs, allowing easy communication and coordination.

Google Calendar

While not explicitly designed for co-parenting, Google Calendar remains a popular choice due to its accessibility and simplicity. Co-parents can create separate calendars and share specific events, making it a practical option for basic scheduling needs.

Before choosing an app, it’s essential for co-parents to consider factors such as user interface, features needed, and any specific requirements for their unique situation. Many apps offer free trials, allowing users to test the interface and features before committing.

Regardless of the app chosen, the key to successful co-parenting communication lies in consistency, clarity, and a focus on the children’s best interests. These apps serve as valuable tools in fostering healthy communication and collaboration between co-parents, ultimately contributing to a more harmonious co-parenting experience.