Barrel & Bond

It is anticipated that Barrel & Bond, which will open its doors at the foot of Broadway in downtown Paducah in the fall of 2019, would give guests a real Kentucky Experience. Designed from the shell of a 150-year-old historic structure, the bar will include 1,600 Bourbons and American Whiskeys, making it one of the biggest choices available not just in Kentucky, but across the United States!


In the state of Kentucky, 95% of the world’s bourbon is distilled there. For the last 250 years or more, the wonderful people of Kentucky have been able to enjoy amazing bourbon and great cuisine thanks to the establishment of Barrel & Bond, a new Bourbon and Cocktail Bar. More interesting reads.


For them, the experience should go beyond the glass at Barrel & Bond, and that’s what sets them apart from the competition. At Barrel & Bond, you can truly enjoy a glass of bourbon, but the experience is enhanced by the company you have while you’re sipping on the liquid gold.


Everyone is welcome at Barrel & Bond. Everybody is welcome to come to their shop no matter what their age or degree of familiarity with booze is. They want to create a welcoming atmosphere where people may share their passion for bourbon and form lasting friendships.


Many of the original architectural components, such as an exposed brick archway connecting the two rooms, will be preserved in their event venue in historic downtown, which offers stunning views of the riverside and floodwall murals. Gas lamps, wood and copper accents, as well as plenty of natural light, will all be included in the design of the room.


Reunions, wedding parties, bridal showers, and other informal groups are all welcome at their event area. They have the capacity for you and up to 50 of your closest friends. In order to learn more about hosting your event with them, please get in touch with them now!


Private events will also be held at the Barrel & Bond location, including monthly meetings of the Paducah Bourbon Society, events for their female companions, and a variety of other public activities.


In Barrel & Bond’s opinion, there are no terrible bourbons, but rather just the best ones. They want to fill their bourbon bar with a diverse selection of bourbon brands to cater to a wide range of tastes.


Small dishes and appetizer bourbon pairings are only the beginning of their menu for their 120-seat venue, which will soon include brunch items like eggs benedict and charcuterie boards. The whiskey will be the inspiration for each and every dish on their menu. In their opinion, there is no incorrect way to eat whiskey, but they do know that certain meals go better with bourbon than others based on their flavor profile. The same goes for our daily made-from-scratch desserts as it does for our premium cuts of steak. Food pairings are another way we hope you’ll get a taste of Kentucky’s finest spirit.