Kentucky Oak Mall

Become bored at home? Have something to buy but don’t want to travel very far from your home? Kentucky Oaks Mall is the answer to your problems. With its wide array of shopping and dining options, it’s sure to have whatever you’re looking for or need. The mall features stores such as Hollister, JC Penney’s, and Burkes Outlet. Chew out some BBQ at T-Bonz or enjoy a steak at Outback Steakhouse before taking in a movie at the Cinema. A fantastic post.


Kentucky Oaks Mall is an enclosed super-regional retail mall in Paducah, Kentucky, in the United States. It is the largest enclosed shopping mall in the state. The Cafaro Company, which owns and administers the mall, was responsible for its development. There are more than 100 shops in the area. Ross Dress for Less, Burlington, two Dillard’s shops, HomeGoods, Best Buy, JCPenney, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Vertical Jump Park are among the anchor retailers in the shopping center. H&M, Five Below, and Shoe Dept. Encore is just a few of the many notable tenants in the mall.


Kentucky Oaks Mall first opened in 1982 with JCPenney, Sears, Ben Snyder’s, and Meis as its anchors. Venture added its first Kentucky location to the mall in 1989; the Venture store closed in 1998 and became Shopko in 1999. In 2000, it was rumored that the mall would be sold to CBL & Associates Properties. Several other big-box stores were added to the mall’s periphery in the early 2000s.


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