River Discovery Center

The Mayor of Four Rivers Region, Gerry Montgomery, formed an ad hoc group to explore the possibility of constructing a marine museum complex. In 1992, The River Heritage Center (RHC) has a board of directors. As part of the TVA-sponsored research, the board hired Verner Johnson & Associates, Inc. and W.R. Coles & Associates. During the survey, almost 250 locals were questioned about the museum.


In, 1996 The Seamen’s Church Institute of New York is renovating a portion of the Petter complex to accommodate a river museum. A second-story renovation named after Paul Walker, founder of Walker Boat Yard, was completed in 2000-2001. Julie Harris appointed E.D.

Senator Mitch McConnell speaks during the Phase I Exhibit Gallery opening in 2003.


Then in 2005, Finishing the Master Plan and Expansion Study. A modern boat simulator, a classroom, and office space are among the new river industry displays erected in 2008. River Discovery Center was renamed. A great post.


From 2009 to the present Expansion of Educational Programming to include the Skipper Program, Animal Encounter Program, and Mound Builder Program.


The River Discovery Center piques the interest of visitors of all ages and helps them get a better knowledge of our nation’s essential river system via real-life tales and interactive activities.


At the River Discovery Center, there is a great deal to explore. Here are a few highlights: 


Have you ever stopped to wonder just how many rivers there are in the US? I mean, it’s not like someone has counted them all, right? Thankfully for us, the River Discovery Center has traveled the country and charted every navigable river out there from the Mississippi River System (25,000 miles of rivers) down to the Willamette River that runs through Portland, Oregon (318 miles). This exhibit provides a fun, interactive experience for you to learn about your local waterways.


24 Hours on the River – The visitor will have the opportunity to take a turn at the pilot wheel to witness how busy the river traffic has been over the previous 24 hours or as far back as a week in this exhibit. Description: The image from the museum’s rooftop, captured by a camera positioned on the building’s roof, is of the Owens Island confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers. Throughout the night, the visitor will be able to see the volume of traffic that flows down the river.


Did you know that the River Discovery Center has education opportunities? It’s true. They have a variety of educational opportunities, and you wouldn’t miss them for the world. Come to the River Discovery Center today, and they’ll tell you all about them! Browse next article >>>


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