Tips for Co-Parenting during COVID-19

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Our lawyers at Paducah Divorce Lawyers are aware that the COVID-19 epidemic has put all families through a trying time. This Coronavirus pandemic causes several daily interruptions, both significant and little.  These unexpected hiccups can be detrimental to your family, particularly your kids and your custody arrangement.

Your family can be dealing with new difficulties including closed schools, altered job schedules, fluctuations in the family’s financial situation, or illness. Families have occasionally been advised to isolate themselves socially by remaining at home.  What should one do with such obscure ideas? In order to maintain decorum and harmony inside your home and family, we want to provide you with some advice that may help you with your co-parenting agreement.

1. Prioritize your kids.

Given the upheavals that the Coronavirus is bringing, reassuring your kids that they are important will bring about some steadiness that they will probably need.  They will be much more grateful for the times you spend together during these uncertain times if you do this. Many times, because of this condition, the house rules have changed.  Allow the kids to participate in establishing ground rules.  By “testing” their comprehension of how far apart they should be, how often they should wash their hands, and to avoid touching their faces or coughing into their hands, make a point of reinforcing social distancing practices. Keep focused and, if age-appropriate, turn it into a game. Take a score and present the information favorably.  Above all, follow your own advice.

2. Establish a fresh timetable.

You should get down with your ex, and your kids (to a certain extent), and make a schedule so that kids know where they will be each day, when they might be able to contact your ex, and how they might do this.  Since the pandemic began, Zoom has become a lifeline for many families.  you maintain order, make sure you keep an eye on things, and establish guidelines for time restrictions, as well as who will be permitted to participate.  Be ready to listen in on discussions if necessary.  Every member of your family should receive a schedule, preferably in writing or online, so that the children may plan and picture their week in advance.   Everyone needs to keep in mind that you might need to modify this schedule, which is another key consideration. You can give your family the finest atmosphere by being flexible.

3. If someone in your home is sick, heed the CDC’s guidelines.

Have a talk with your ex to make sure everyone in the family is clear on what to expect if something like this happens while the child is in his or her care.  The CDC website has a lot of useful information.  Making sure that you and your ex-partner are capable of supporting the patient and adhering to their healthcare provider’s recommendations for medication(s) and care is a part of this. You should prepare to assist the patient with basic household needs and offer assistance with procuring groceries, prescription medications, and other personal necessities. Running errands might require child care.  Plan ahead to account for this.

Keep in mind that the CDC advises keeping family members as far away from the sick as possible, preferably in a different room. If one is available, each member of the household should utilize a separate bedroom and bathroom.

These instructions are only a handful of the many that can be found online.  The recommendations on the CDC website are not all included in this and are not meant to be taken as medical advice.  Please visit to learn more.

4. Make your co-parenting relationship stronger.

When deciding which battles to have with your ex, use caution. Your future connection with your co-parent will be determined by how you interact with them now. Develop a cordial relationship with your ex-spouse so that the two of you can share future events for your kids, such as graduations or weddings.

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